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"I had a great deal of comfort working with Eliot Kaplan in planning my estate. Eliot was patient and knowledgeable, putting me at ease dealing with topics that could otherwise be uncomfortable. He had excellent suggestions, explained the law clearly, and gave me peace of mind through the whole process."

Bernice S.    

"My wife and I retained Mr. Kaplan to provide us with all the necessary documents and advice for our estate planning needs,Mr. Kaplan first inquired as to what we wanted in terms of where we saw ourselves in our later years and how we wanted to provide for our children and their children. He reviewed our current assets as well as our retirement plans and then proceeded to inform us of what we needed to realize our goals for ourselves and our children. He patiently explained all the choices as well as the advantages and disadvantages as to each of the alternatives.  
Mr. Kaplan took the time to see us at our home on multiple occasions and at times that were convenient to us. His patient and soft spoken manner made us very comfortable especially when I was asking the same questions several times until we were all sure we understood everything. We now have our wills, health proxies, health directives, and powers of attorney in place and are secure in the knowledge that we and our loved ones will be provided for in the manner that is the most advantageous to all of us.Thank you Eliot Kaplan."

David and Rochelle G.

"Over the last several years Eliot Kaplan has consistently shown himself to be the consummate professional - thorough, meticulous and completely understanding of our family's needs.  He has successfully assisted us on a variety of legal matters and has always performed his work in a timely manner - constantly keeping us advised of the status of his progress and always fully explaining his actions in completely understandable layman's terms.  He has displayed his complete knowledge regarding elder care issues and Medicaid applications for my late mother; estate, health and asset preservation for my wife and myself; as well as real estate matters.  He has the ability to make us feel comfortable and fully satisfied when discussing and resolving every issue that has arisen and we truly appreciate his personal attention and caring attitude." 

Rich D.

"Mr. Kaplan's professionalism and thoroughness made the handling of my father’s financial affairs complete upon entering a Nursing Home. In addition to the update of my will, proper recommended documentations were prepared for future security, safety and well-being."

Patrick M.

"Mr. Kaplan was quick responding, sensitive, well informed and very expeditious.  I can recommend him strongly." 

Pauline G.

"I found Mr. Kaplan to be professional, knowledgeable and personable. Communication and instruction on what I needed to do was very clear. He took the time to answer all of my questions regarding the settlement of my cousin's estate. I am very satisfied with the legal service rendered by Mr. Kaplan and would highly recommend his services.


A. Lanza